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Pranati Rai Prakash hopes to start shoot in May if lockdown ends

Mumbai :  With growing Covid cases, shooting all over is coming to halt for now. Among the numerous affected projects is the series “Blackwoods”, featuring actress Pranati Rai Prakash in a negative role. The actress hopes production resumes next month.”The growing Covid cases and lockdown have taken a major toll on work for most sectors, especially my profession where one can’t shoot online and physical presence is important. I’m hoping to start shooting for the series ‘Blackwoods’ this May, provided lockdown comes to an end and the city becomes safer,” Pranati tells IANS.”The cast and crew can’t gather at once for obvious reasons and hence shoots have been postponed. I should have ideally finished shooting for an entire web series and started working on the next one but they have been put on hold. I hope the situation becomes better so that work can resume soon,” says Pranati, who is known for her role of Binny Bajpai in the television show “Mannphodganj Ki Binny”.



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