Mixed Doubles: Balraj Syal on sharing the screen with wife Deepti Tuli in ‘Smart Jodi’

Mumbai : Actor and comedian Balraj Syal and wife singer Deepti Tuli are a part of the ongoing couple reality show ‘Smart Jodi’. The duo has been performing well and earning praise from fans and co-contestants alike. Balraj says that the reason he took up the show is that it allows him to share the stage with his better half. “In today’s date, the relationships are fragile but this show is realistic, positive, happy, and focuses on relationships. There is nothing in it that you cannot watch with a family. The show will also help people to know about my wife and our Jodi. In life there comes a time when you have to move a step ahead and this is that step in my career.” “People will now see me getting roasted by my wife, as I was the one who always roasted others. Also, the concept of the show is good and people will see a different side of me. In this show, there are couples who aren’t into creating unwanted controversies on social media or anywhere to get attention. Everyone here has a happy-go-lucky nature and with the help of this show we as a couple are getting to know each other more,” he says. Balraj and Deepti tied the knot and married on August 7, 2020.

The couple revealed about their wedding after a month. “This was my life’s biggest decision and I wanted to do it without any trouble,” he continues about what he thinks holds a marriage together, “Gratitude for having one another is the first thing. There are times when relationships break even though there is love. We should be thankful to our partners. If you thank someone from the heart, it makes the other feel special. “Respect is very important in relationships. Arranged marriages are very different from love marriages. Love is important but respect for your partner is crucial, it keeps the relationship fresh. We should not keep taking the fights forward and settle everything then and there.” Balraj says that Deepti is equally happy sharing the stage and facing the camera with him. “I was nervous because I know how difficult it is as people instantly judge and notice you. I am happy and proud of her. Our intro episode was really great as she cracked some really good jokes. Everybody stood up and clapped for her. I never knew she could do comedy with so much ease. The experience so far is so good. I just want her to stay raw and innocent,” he adds.

At the same time, the actor-comedian feels that sharing screen space with his wife is emotionally taxing. “When you are working alone, the difficulties you face in the shoots are managed by you but when you see your loved ones facing issues you feel bad. If the shoots are hectic there have been times I skipped my meals but it’s sad to see my wife skipping meals. The reason why I have told the staff to make sure she eats on time. I’m sure she will learn everything soon,” he adds. The show not only sees contestants doing tasks but also reveals details about their personal life on national television. “I am one of those people who live in the moment. I never preplan anything. I always share things that come to my mind. If there are some untold stories that I have not shared with my wife till now, I have no problem sharing them with her when I am on stage. People will get to know me better through these stories. I don’t see any harm in sharing your thoughts, disappointments much like your achievements,” he says. Balraj feels that the smartest jodi in Bollywood is Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia Deshmukh. “I have met them personally about three times. Wherever I have seen them they are so natural. Their timing, compatibility and chemistry, and family vibe is really amazing,” he wraps up.


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