Anyone who loves to groove can be a dancer : Alisha Singh

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New Delhi : A familiar face in dance reality shows, Alisha Singh, says that anyone who loves to groove to a song, entertain their followers and in general make fun content can be a dancer.
The dancer and choreographer talks to IANSlife about how dance talent shines through on new-age apps:
Q: How have short video platforms widened the talent pool of dance, as even amateurs follow trends?
A: Short video talent apps like Glance Roposo have helped content creators build a viewer base by providing them with a platform to showcase their skills. It keeps them engaged and excited with trends, challenges, contests, and co-creation opportunities in their genre of interest. It allows amateurs to follow various trends and feel included. I think anyone who loves to groove to a song, entertain their followers and in general makes fun content can be a dancer. Many content creators have regular 9 to 5 day jobs but create great dance videos with their families in the evenings at home!
Q: Bollywood and dance have an inextricable connection, what do you feel about this?
A: Dance and Bollywood must co-exist, and without each other, they might lose the entertainment factor. The Bollywood dance form itself is an amalgamation of various classical and folk dance forms from all over India.
Q: Which dance moves will you be teaching on the Glance Roposo app?
A: I’m excited to create some amazing content on the app throughout the current special Roposo Monsoon Week celebration from July 13 onwards as I challenge dancers, other content creators, and my audience at large to participate in the #DanceWithAlisha challenge. Users of the app can create a duet video with me using various monsoon-special filters with interesting rain effects wherein they can win and redeem 30,000 Roposo coins along with a special shoutout from me on my social media handles. I will teach users easy and fun dance steps on the fun and catchy song ‘sawan mein lag gayi aag’.
Q: Why did you choose to associate with digital event?
A: Glance Roposo is one of India’s leading short video apps and the go to destination for aspiring talent who create original and engaging content. With the pandemic and everyone being at home, short video content especially has seen a rise and people are looking at apps like it to express themselves. The millions of content creators on the app have access to different celebrities, music, trends, filters, and effects. I find their platform and concept unique compared to the other short video platforms. They focus on each of their exclusive artists and creators to create a community with them and helps them to feel connected with other users based on different content. It’s available in multiple Indian languages across varied channels like comedy, films, news, fashion, and sports, among others which makes it one of the most entertaining talent platforms for content creators in the country.



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