Here are Bigg Boss OTT contestant Divya Agarwal’s Top 5 controversial moments in various reality shows that made headlines

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Mumbai : The queen of reality shows, as proclaimed by the lady herself, Divya Agarwal has been the centre of focus ever since her grand entry in Bigg Boss OTT. Divya has been through a rough journey since day one, she entered the house without a connection and is still surviving the show all by herself, after her then only companion turned connection, Zeeshan Khan was evicted for his violent behaviour towards Nishant and Pratik. Zeeshan had dumped his previous connection and friend of three years, Urfi Javed, only to pair up with Divya and supported her throughout his stay, bearing it all with his friends and foes alike. Well, the girl who began her journey with MTV Splitsvilla season 10, found a connection and love in Priyank Sharma, has come a really long way and we are proud to see her succeed and put forth her opinions without hesitation, and is being highly appreciated by fans and audience for her brilliant gameplay and onscreen conduct. Let’s have a look at Divya’s most controversial fights and heated disputes throughout her journey in reality shows, from Splitsvilla, Ace Of Space to now Bigg Boss OTT.
#1 Breaking up with Priyank Sharma
Divya took the contestants by surprise as she made a shocking entry in the Bigg Boss 11 house to settle some scores with then boyfriend Priyank, who claimed to have broken up with her before entering the show, back in July 2017. All the contestants, including Priyank were ordered to stay frozen, when an angry Divya finally confronted Priyank and both were left teary-eyed when the conversation ended. Divya ended her relationship with Priyank right there on national television due to his growing closeness with Benafsha Soonawalla in the house. Divya and Priyank’s connection in Splitsvilla 10 grabbed eyeballs, and the two eventually fell in love with each other and confessed their feelings publicly.
#2 Verbal Spat with Varun Sood over Benafsha
Divya and Varun Sood’s love story was an epic romance saga that brewed when two heartbroken souls met with their exes’ partners and started with a greater friendship. Not to forget, things haven’t been all lovey-dovey between the two and they have also had their fair share of fights in the show, Ace Of Space. It all began when Divya mocked Varun’s ex girlfriend, Benafsha, and called her “the biggest joke of the nation”. Hearing this, Varun reacted very furiously and the two got engaged in a brutal war of words.
#3 Frequent Brawls with Pratik Sehajpal
Pratik and Divya shared a really close bond on their former reality show together, Ace Of Space, where the former even considered the latter as her sister, and the two supported each other till the very end. But to an utter surprise, things began taking an ugly turn between the two, when Pratik spewed his previous baggage of sourness on Divya, the moment she entered the Bigg Boss OTT show and called Pratik to be her “purane show ka saathi” upon Karan Johar asking her whether she knew any of the contestant from before. Their equation soured even more when they entered the house together, and have confronted each other quite often, each time getting involved in heated arguments, that escalated into them hurling abuses and clashing over duties and differences.

#4 Friendship turned into enmity with Shamita Shetty
Divya bonded really well with Shamita since they first entered the Bigg Boss OTT house and two went on to become best friends, with Divya also sharing an equally strong bond with Shamita’s connection, Raqesh Bapat. However, things changed and their close relationship went for a toss, when host Karan Johar decided to unfold a few secrets about Divya. KJo revealed that Divya would bitch and gossip about her so claimed bestie Shamita behind her back and never confronted her for their issues. He also went ahead to call her behaviour as a “homewrecker”, and accused her of trying to break Shamita and Raqesh’s successful connection. To this, Shamita lost calm and went on to shade Divya, severing all ties with her.
#5 Constant tiff with Neha Bhasin
The two have been at loggerheads in Bigg Boss OTT right from their initial days in the show, and Divya has also openly expressed her disliking towards Neha quite many times.
Divya has also slammed shut Neha whenever the latter tried to initiate an argument and dominate the others by calling them “judgemental” and “badtameez”. Divya has also given back by stating that Neha claims as if she is the only decent contestant in the house and also called her a “badtameez aurat”.
#6 Ties go loose with Moose!
After breaking ties with all her previous friends, Divya had found new companions in Akshara Singh and Milind Gaba, and Nishant Bhatt and Muskan (Moose) Jattana. Being the youngest member of the Bigg Boss OTT house, Moose has always been loved and cared for by Divya, however her relation with Nishant has been slightly targeted at gameplay, and she has even expressed to pair up with him if ever given a chance. Nishant being Muskan’s connection and the two sharing a strong bond since day one, the latter has always been insecured over Nishant around Divya, and all hell broke loose when Pratik joked about matching outfits with Moose, and Nishant doing so with Neha. Divya joked that whether they had exchanged partners to which Moose became quite serious and confronted Divya for her growing closeness and constant eyes at her connection. Divya called Moose an “insecured bitch” when the latter claimed to the former, “dusron ke connection par muh maarti hain.”



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