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Know All About Instagram Influencer & Fitness Freak Sukh Johal

Born – 6th October 1998

Place Of Birth – Pandori, District Barnala, Punjab, India

Nationality – Indian

Net Worth – Rs 8 Lakhs

Instagram Star

Youngsters of Punjab are doing many wonders to make their community and nation proud. And one among them is Sukh Johal. Sukh is an Instagram influencer and social media personality from Punjab. He is also known as a Calisthenic boy on social media. If speaking of his personal life, he was born on 6th October-1998 and falls in the zodiac sign Libra. He did his schooling at Baba Kala Mala Singh Public School, Chappa (Barnala). After schooling, he started to play the game Kabaddi. But after 3 years he left and joined calisthenics.

 Sukh Johal Family

 His father is a farmer and his mother is a housewife. He has four elder sisters who always supported him and stood for him from the start of his journey.

Sukh Johal Life

 Sukh Johal is 5’9 and is fair. He is married and doesn’t smoke. Moreover, the idea to start his Instagram content journey was inspired by a foreign calisthenic king named Micheal Vazquez. 

Sukh Johal Career

 Sukh Johal always makes videos related to fitness. His motivational videos on how to keep healthy and fit and various types of workouts help to make a healthy and fit body. He also inspired people of every age with his video and content. For example – Children, youngsters and aged.  Sukh makes almost every type of content that exists on the internet in very creative and unique ways. 

He started his journey as a member of Instagram on 4 April 2016 and for more than 5 years he is making original content every day. Sukh Johal never took a break for more than 1 day because even if he tried he can’t resist making it because his passion to make people motivated helps him every day to make content. 

His videos related to fitness went viral all over India and even at the international level. He mentioned that all the big Instagram pages in India supported him a lot during the start of his journey. His video creation journey started as numerous content creators used to copy his ideas and convert them into video form which helped them get millions of views. And thus he started to make videos using his ideas on Instagram. He has many friends who also support him to make content.

Admirers of Sukh Johal generally say that he looks quite different in specs and without glasses he darts like Clark Kent and Superman. His fans gave him a title and called him “The King of Punjab”. 

Sukh Johal YouTube

He has a YouTube channel of his own which is titled Sukhjohal. He started his YouTube channel in the year 2021. He also has 370K subscribers on YouTube. He posts videos related to instructing various types of workouts. For example- Free style push-ups, street workouts, callisthenics, flips, and family and friends vlogs.

Here’s a video from his youtube: 

Sukh Johal Tikki App

He makes videos of flips, street workouts and calisthenics skills and many more. And the content goes viral day by day.

 Sukh Johal Instagram

 Sukh Johal has over 1,173,067  followers on Instagram, where he makes original, creative, out of the box and relatable content. Any trend exists on the internet, you can find his videos in a very creative way. Not only does he love making fitness videos but he also teaches his audience in a very good way as he used to be an intelligent student in school. 

Also, Sukh was an amazing player in school games. and after his schooling. He started his whole focus on content creation. Sukh also mentioned that he loves to create something motivational from videos. Many pages across the nation post his content regularly. Even many celebrities shared his content in stories. He always gives a motivational message to new youth through his videos that we should never give up. And many boys are also inspired by his skills.

See His Instagram Page Here: 

Sukh Johal’s Net Worth

 As per reports, his net worth is ₹10 lakhs and Sukh charges 50000-60000 per video. He also promotes many brands of clothing, shoes, accessories etc. He also features many famous songs which we can easily search on YouTube. Many people were also invited Sukh Johal as a Chief guest and as well as in tournaments to exhibit his calisthenic skills. Many people appreciated Sukh Johal by giving him more than a 6ft Trophy as well as money. Sukh Johal has more than 60 trophies and earned so much success with his calisthenic skills.

Lastly, Sukh Johal tries his best to make people healthy and fit for more than 3 years. He loves to stay positive, and well and never worried about followers because he believed in “If you think big, then you get big things absolutely”. Meanwhile, if you look at his content, it’ll really blow your mind because his work is indeed creative and original. As per the reports, he is even planning to make his own business.

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