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Humble Kids by Gippy Grewal is all about Excitement, Love and father-son goals

Chandigarh : To excite the fans and show the real father-son goals, Gippy Grewal has come up with a channel ‘Humble Kids’. This channel is for his kids, which was started during the lockdown to release some tension and divert the minds towards some fun activities done by his sons. Gippy’s younger son Gurbaaz is stealing the hearts of many with his cuteness. Viewers love to watch his acts and naughty moves with giggles.Gippy is very active on social media and never misses interacting with his fans and also his love towards his family which is a motivation for many. During the toughest hour your family is your support, strength and a mode of entertainment, so utilizing that and having the family’s gala time and keeping the memories for years to come is the best thing Gippy has done through this channel.Right from spending time with his youngest son Gurbaaz Grewal, to reeling the antics of Gufateh a.k.a Shinda to posing with the eldest one Ekomkar, Gippy is doing everything that doles out father-son goals. After watching the videos many families have geared up for the same videos and even kids love watching Shinda doing the crazy things. The love between the siblings is the best thing the channel is showing and from the day one the channel is created Bull18 is managing it. For more funny videos don’t forget to like and subscribe to the channel.


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