Nothing in this world can surpass self-love : Yami Gautam

New Delhi : Yami Gautam exudes her girl-next-door charm, as ambassador, for skincare brand Good Vibes. The brand’s mission is to deliver ingredient-led skincare to women across the country. Gautam has emerged as a strong influence embracing her natural self and inspiring women to explore their natural beauty. The brand too believes in using natural beauty ingredients and staying away from harmful chemical ingredients.
IANSlife caught up with Yami for a freewheeling chat on beauty and style:
A 2020-21 lockdown habit you can’t shake off?
Yami: A habit which I’ve put myself religiously to is actually related to my lifestyle, it’s yoga. I religiously practice yoga. I also love to bake and cook whenever I get time.
Athleisure or Formals – your preference?
Yami: Athleisure for sure! As a person who is obsessed with Yoga, I’d any day pick athleisure over other styles. They are not only effortlessly stylish, but also amazingly comfortable.

On trend or your own style mantra?
Yami: My own style mantra! I love to go beyond trends and create my own style statement. As, what you wear showcases who you are, I truly believe in expressing myself through my sartorial choices.
Your skincare routine?
Yami: Hydration and exercise are key for healthy skin. I absolutely love products that nourish and hydrate my skin. The Good Vibes Rosehip Serum is my go-to skincare product and a key step in my everyday routine. The serum is infused with the goodness of Rosehip and has a lightweight and non-greasy formula that enhances the skin, making it brighter & glowing. I follow it up with a lightweight moisturizer to lock in that moisture. Along with a simple and effective skincare routine I also make sure to have a balanced diet that helps me enhance and maintain my skin’s natural glow.
Clean Beauty or all beauty products?
Yami: On a non-working day, I’d like my skin to be clean. But I do like going through and looking for good beauty products. I think most of the beauty platforms are very addictive, so you’ve got to really watch out and strain down to what you actually need. It’s my mother’s rule that your footwear and your beauty products must never be compromised!

Your thoughts on true beauty?
Yami: The idea of true beauty is to stay true to yourself, what you believe in, and what you’re comfortable with. Just being able to breathe as yourself and express yourself in the most natural and in the most original way. I think that’s true beauty!
Tell us about your thoughts on being the first-ever Good Vibes brand ambassador?
Yami: I have always been a firm believer of natural beauty, of self-love and of being comfortable with your true self. That’s when you truly shine. Good Vibes is a brand that demonstrates the goodness of nature in its products, a brand that I can count on for all my beauty needs. I am delighted to partner with the brand and bring nature-inspired beauty to every woman.
One message you would like to give to the audience?
Yami: I’d say love yourself because nothing in this world can surpass self-love. Appreciate yourself, give yourself that long awaited break from the daily hustle of life. I believe it’s okay to not be okay, so go with the flow. Try to be the source of happiness to everyone around you and always spread good vibes wherever you go!
In keeping with the same spirit, Good Vibes and Yami join hands to launch the first-ever brand campaign #GlowKaMissingPiece. Centered on the glow offered by natural ingredients, the campaign unravels to display that with Good Vibes Serums, you will never miss the glow. The campaign will be a series of two films and multiple shorties with 200+ influencers amplifying the campaign across social and digital channels.



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